"Your pack may seem like a heavy burden,

but its contents are keeping you alive." -Mike Baxter

Camping Checklists Summer Camp

  • What to bring on a camp out depends on what the Troop is doing (backpacking, car camping), what the season is, etc.
  • Never wear cotton on backpacking trips
  • Remember the Scout motto: "Be Prepared!" Scouts bring rain gear even if it is not forecast to rain. See the "Scout Basic Outdoor Essentials" below
  • Consult the Scout Handbook for a basic guide to what to bring hiking and camping.
  • Troop Gear: The Troop has cooking gear, stoves, and tents the Scouts may use. Each Patrol plans the meals and brings the food and a "Patrol Box" containing the Patrol camping gear, such as stove, pots and pans, cleanup materials, etc.
  • Food: Typically, the Patrol plans their meals for a trip. One Scout per patrol is designated "Grub Master" and will buy the meal the Patrol has planned. For backpacking trips, Scouts bring their own food.

Here are some great resources for what to bring and wear on a camp out: