At any Scouting event, all Scouts should be wearing a Scout uniform. At most Scout weekly meetings, either the Class A or Class B uniform can be worn. A Class A uniform is worn for important events.

Where can you buy the Uniform?

You can buy uniforms and accessories at the Heart of Virginia Council Scout Shop on 4015 Fitzhugh Avenue.

You can also buy them online at

What do you need to buy?

Our Troop wears green bands on the epaulets and green troop numbers. We will provide the green shoulder loops, the green troop numbers, a black neckerchief, and neckerchief slide.

What is a Class A Uniform (Field Uniform)?

Class A is the nickname for the BSA "Field Uniform". The Class A Uniform is anchored by the Scout uniform shirt on which you put your badges and other emblems. Our black neckerchief is worn for important occasions such as Court of Honor, Scout Sunday, and color guard at public events. Neckerchief slides may be purchased at the Scout store or one that you create yourself. With the Scout shirt, we wear dark green shorts or long pants and Scout belt. The dark green shorts or long pants can be the official Scout gear or not. The Troop will give a black neckerchief to you when you join the Troop.

What is a Class B Uniform (Activity Uniform)?

Class B is the nickname for the BSA "Activity Uniform"; i.e. scouting related t-shirt and scout pants. The Class B Uniform is a Scout T-shirt, either an official BSA tee or our Troop tee, with dark green shorts or long pants and Scout belt. Many Scouts prefer cargo shorts or cargo pants in order to carry gear. Sport shorts are not acceptable. You may purchase a Troop tee shirt. We try to order them once or twice a year.

Where do all of these badges and emblems go?

Above is a diagram showing the position of various items on the uniform.

Here is a link to where everything should be placed (See page 11 and after): Guide to Awards and Insignia, Section 2

Here is a different view of where to place everything: Boy Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet

Merit Badge Sashes:

The Merit Badge Sash is never worn on the belt. It is worn over the right shoulder either under or over the epaulet.

Order of the Arrow sash:

The Order of the Arrow sash is worn for all events related to the Lodge. However, it is not worn as part of the Class A uniform for other events such as a Court of Honor. The Merit Badge Sash is not worn with the Order of the Arrow sash. You should wear one or the other.

Tot'n Chip/Firem'n Chit Badges:

These are designed to look like pocket flap patches, but for some reason, the BSA says they are not to be worn on the right pocket flap. They are to be worn centered on the right pocket. The only thing that should go on the right pocket flap is the Order of the Arrow pocket flap patch.

Download a PDF file of The Guide to Awards and Insignia

Section 1


Official Policy

Excerpts from the Rules and Regulations

Special Regulations

Section 2

Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, and Webelos Scout Insignia

Boy Scout Insignia

Varsity Scout Insignia

Venturing Insignia

Sea Scout Insignia

Section 3

Training Awards

Scouting Honors and Special Recognitions

Universal and Nonunit Insignia

Religious Emblems


Section 4

Guidelines for District and Council Committees