Troop 770
2016 Summer Camp
June 19-25

T. Brady Saunders in 

When: June 19-25, 2016

Departure: June 19th from RRPC; meet at RRPC around 8am Sunday to depart
    • Scouts should wear their Class A Uniforms (no merit badge sashes or neckerchiefs)
    • Scouts should have swimsuits on underneath or quickly available in order to take swim test on arrival. Have beach towel handy, too!
    • Bring completed health form (Parts A, B & C) and copy of health insurance card. We will check the health forms and copy of health insurance card at RRPC--Scouts must have these in order to go with us to camp.
    • Scouts should eat lunch beforehand or bring a bag lunch.
Return: We will Return to RRPC on Saturday, June 25th around noon (exact time TBD).

Transportation:  We will need volunteers to help drive to and from camp (see Adult Volunteers below).

Adult Volunteers.  We must have two adults present at all times.  Please let us know if you are able to help out at least one day/night. Sign up here.

We will need volunteers to help drive to and from camp (since we will have an adult volunteer the day we arrive and the day we leave, that driver could be the same person. We will also have gear for 25 Scouts and the adults).

All adult volunteers must have Youth Protection Training. It is a quick online course that can be completed here (you will have to register if you are not already). Please send me your YPT Certificate when you are done.

Medical Forms: All Scouts and Adult Volunteers must have their medical form with Parts A, B & C filled out. Your doctor will need to complete and sign Part C. Unfortunately, we can't take a Scout to summer camp without the form.

Merit BadgesYour merit badge selections should be complete. Here you can find the merit badge schedule. Many badges have prerequisites (which you must complete before arriving at camp or which require things to bring or to buy at the Trading Post--see below). The list of prerequisites is here.

You may also need to bring special clothing or items for a merit badge.  For example, Lifesaving Merit Badge requires that the scout bring long pants, long sleeved button down shirt and shoes which they will wear to jump in the water. Climbing merit badge requires sneakers and long pants.

Swim Check: You may have your camp swim check done in advance using this form. The lifeguard conducting the swim check must attach a copy of his/her certification.

Trailblazers ProgramFirst year Scouts can sign up for the Trailblazer Program.  Scouts can earn some rank requirements as well as First Aid and Handicraft merit badges (Indian Lore, Space Exploration, Basketry, or Leatherworking) *Additional fees for supplies will be required*.

Special Equipment Needed: Each Trailblazer Scout will need to bring a pocket knife which he will learn to use properly. The Scout must also bring the following. 
  • A day pack or bookbag 
  • Scout Handbook 
  • A Canteen/water bottle
  • Rain gear
  • Compass with at least 2 degree increments
  • Paper & Pencil
  • Pocket Knife
  • Small personal first aid kit
  • Hot spark fire starter (can be purchased @ the trading post)
What to PackThe checklist of what to pack is here

Gear can be packed in a backpack, storage bin, suitcase, or duffle bag.  It should be small enough to fit under the Scout's cot.

Uniforms/Footwear: All Scouts and adults are encouraged to wear complete official BSA summer uniform in camp (Scout T-shirt, Scout shorts and socks). We will wear our "Class A" uniforms to meals, roll call, and other events (a coat hanger is helpful so the Scout can hang his Class A shirt in his tent). Sneakers or hiking boots and a shirt must be worn at all times. Aqua shoes or sandals can be worn in the pool or bath houses.  No open toed shoes will be allowed outside the waterfront area.

Each Scout should bring his own water bottle or canteen to camp for use throughout the day (string bags are good for carrying water and other items). It is also a good idea to bring pencil, pen,and paper, along with your Scout handbook. Though we may have a picnic table at the campsite, some Scouts like to bring a camp stool or folding chair.

Check the list of prerequisites to see if there is anything specific the Scout must bring for his merit badge class (such as long pant/long sleeve shirt for Swimming Merit Badge).

Knives with blades longer than 3-1/2 inches are not allowed.

Don't forget to initial or put your name on everything!

Closing Dinner & Campfire: On Friday, June 24, 2016, from 5:00 pm till the end of the campfire, parents and guests are invited to visit camp. There will be a picnic dinner--the cost is $7 per person. You will pay on arrival in the Administration Building. We need to have your reservation by Wednesday so the camp can plan the amount of food. Visitors should plan to attend the Closing Campfire from 8 to 10pm. 

If you want to attend the dinner, please let us know before Camp so we can make the reservations.

MedicationsAll medications being brought into camp must be on the BSA medical form, and be in their original dispensed container. Please let us know if your son will need to take any medication while at camp.

Trading Post: TBS has a camp trading post where Scouts can buy souvenirs, snacks, drinks, etc. There may be things they need to buy for their merit badges (check the list of prerequisites). Be sure to send money with your Scout so they can go to the Trading Post for sodas, ice cream, T-Shirts, etc., or if they need to purchase something for their merit badges. $70 is recommended.

Valuables: Unfortunately, even in Scout camp, losses occur. Consider leaving expensive personal items at home. All personal items are the sole responsibility of the individual and not of Camp T. Brady Saunders.

Mountain Bikes: Camp T. Brady Saunders is equipped with 10 miles of mountain bike trails. Scouts are welcome to bring their bikes and ride on the trails. They may also use their bikes to travel around to their merit badge classes. Scouts will need to wear a helmet at all times when they are riding bikes and must let their Scoutmaster know when they are out riding their bikes. The buddy system must be followed for any trail riding. Bike racks are provided throughout the camp. Bikes should not be parked around the dining hall.
Questions: Email me or call any time!!

Check out the opportunities for High Adventure camp for next summer.  You can go on your own and join other Scouts from around the Country and around the world at BSA High Adventure Camps!

Troop 770 Scouts are participating in a 
June, 2016 trip to Philmont Scout Ranch to backpack for 12 days in the New Mexico wilderness.