Welcome Crew 3 members!!  We had a great trek! 


See the Trek #7 details here:   Itinerary  |  Map

Please contact me if you have any questions!!  
David Bernhardt | Scoutmaster | Troop 770

Important Required Reading:

1. The 2016 Philmont Guide to Adventure which I have given each Scout (copy is here online if you have lost it).

2. The Official Philmont Shakedown Guide, Parts 1 & 2 Available Here.

All the Shakedown Hikes are complete!! 
Shakedown Hike 1: Pictures here 
Shakedown Hike 2: Pictures here
Shakedown Hike 3: Pictures here

Video by Malik of Shakedown Hike #2:

"Your pack may seem like a heavy burden, 
but its contents are keeping you alive." -Mike Baxter