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Newsletter 02/16/15 - Upcoming Troop Elections!

posted Feb 16, 2015, 9:31 AM by Scoutmaster Troop770   [ updated Feb 16, 2015, 9:31 AM ]
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Scouts & Parents,
I hope everyone has plenty of milk and bread for the impending Snowmageddon!  The Scouts got a lot of advancement done at the Troop meeting yesterday.  Check outScoutbook and let me know if I am missing any of your requirements.  Scouts who brought their book to me should be up to date in Scoutbook.

For the Ski Trip Saturday, see below for some details.

Next meeting, February 22, we will work on more advancement but we will also plan for the March 8th Troop Elections (we won't have another meeting before then).  Everyone First Class and above needs a leadership position, so start thinking about what position you would like to have.  Our Troop has decided that the ASPL (Assistant Senior Patrol Leader) moves into the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) position, so Jack will be the next SPL as Kyle steps down from a role he has held and excelled in for 6 months! Congrats and thanks, Kyle!

We need a new ASPL (i.e.--SPL-elect) to take Jack's place along with 3 new Patrol Leaders, a Quartermaster, Scribe, Webmaster, Librarian, OA Rep, Troop Guide(s), etc.  

Scouts going to H-SC will also do some menu planning for dinner and breakfast.  This is a requirement for Scouts working towards First Class, so we will be having them to help plan and cook! I do not know the situation at H-SC for fires, but we will plan on using our gas stoves.

Please let me know how you like Scoutbook.  Also, feel free to contact me at any time with any questions, issues, or concerns.
David Bernhardt, Scoutmaster | Troop 770