"Your pack may seem like a heavy burden, 
but its contents are keeping you alive." -Mike Baxter

What should you bring on a campout? Well, that depends on what the Troop is doing, what the season is, etc. Obviously, you would not bring the same things on a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail as you would if we were camping beside the cars at a park. You would wear different clothing and shoes/boots, too. For instance, it is never a good idea to wear cotton while backpacking. And remember the Scout motto: "Be Prepared!" Scouts bring rain gear even if it is not forecast to rain.

The Scouts should consult their Scout Handbook for a basic guide to what to bring hiking and camping. There are some basic things a Scout should always have. These are called the "Scout Basic Outdoor Essentials".

Troop Gear: The Troop has cooking gear, stoves, and tents the Scouts may use.  Each Patrol plans the meals and brings the food and a "Patrol Box" containing the Patrol camping gear, such as stove, pots and pans, cleanup materials, etc.  

Food: Typically, the Patrol plans their meals for a trip.  One Scout per patrol is designated "Grub Master" and will buy the meal the Patrol has planned. For backpacking trips, Scouts bring tier own food.