Eagle Resources

For Scouts looking to go from Life to Eagle Scout, check out the Cardinal District Life to Eagle web page.

Our Eagle Scout Project Coach is Stephen Gwyn, eagle.troop770rva@gmail.com. Please contact him before beginning work on your Eagle Scout Project.

Also, check out the Troop 770 Eagle Projects Information page.

Forms for Eagle Scout Project and Award Application

Check out the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and the Cardinal District web site BUT speak with Mr. Gwyn before using any form to be sure you are using the latest version.

Eagle Scout Application which is also on the Cardinal District web site

Eagle Scout documents on Cardinal Website (some may be outdated).

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the Cardinal District Advancement Committee at advancement@cardinaldistrict.net

Other Information about Earning Eagle:

The Times-Dispatch will announce new Eagle Scouts. Use this form for submissions.